About us

In less than two decades, personal devices and gadgets have managed to dominate our lives, so much so that smartphones have defied the system of communication and become a multimedia powerhouse. From the morning alarm to those late-night readings, one cannot imagine their lives today without a smartphone.
However, when daily routines are defined by smartphones, they also need to be maintained. Surprisingly, contrary to what one would expect, the after-sale service and support system of these devices aren’t as smart as they should be.

In a time, when medicines and groceries could be delivered at doorsteps (using smartphones), consumers still need to run around to service their in-warranty and out-of-warranty mobile phones. That is perhaps the biggest irony of the current information age.

Typically, smartphones come with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. When there is an issue with the device within that period, consumers have to undergo the hassle and complications of getting it repaired under warranty by visiting the authorised service centre or retail store where the phone was purchased.

Even though the functionality and usage of mobile phones have come a long way (from basic Nokia 1100 to Powerhouses like iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Series and many others), the whole process of running around for servicing immediately eliminates the idea of being ‘smart’. It stemmed from our observation of how tedious and painstaking it was to run from pillar to post and claim the warranty of these devices, or even get the right kind of after-sales support. We started TotalresQ in 2017 with a vision to make ‘Smartphone After-sale service as smart as the Smartphone.’

With TotalresQ – Smart Warranty, the stone-age process of smartphone after-sale service is simplified and made convenient for users so they can cut down the entire journey of running from home or office to the service centre/store for repairing or other support. All they have to do is fill up an online form with the service request details, or call on the customer support number, and an agent will arrive at the doorstep in no time. Once they pick up the device, they will then take the responsibility of getting it repaired from an authorised service centre and bring back the device to the user within a stipulated time and saves the user time, money and energy.

We launched ‘Smart Warranty’ service in June 2017 pricing it at an affordable price of Rs199/- for 1-year unlimited use. TotalresQ has 40000+ happy customers and has helped thousands of customers get in-warranty repairs at their doorstep. A blessing for their fast-moving millennial life. We also offers extended warranty service ‘Smart Warranty Plus’ which provides an additional 1-year warranty for Mobile phones and on-demand repair for out-of-warranty handsets. What differentiates us from competitors is the sheer simplicity and hassle-free process, a user does not have to follow any special instructions or pack the device themselves for the pickup, all they have to do is call and register the complaint.

Apart from offering quality service, convenience, and a great after-sales experience to customers, we also provides B2B services to  Mobile phones brands to make the whole after-sale service lifecycle hassle-free for the users. We bring-in the required expertise and technology that help brands deliver consumer happiness throughout the whole after-sales service cycle and increase Brand loyalty by unique offerings like AI-powered device diagnostics app for Android users, Smart logistics to provide doorstep repair service and Cloud service (repair) centre that eliminates the need of brick and mortar service centres.