It all started with a simple Question. Why can't the phone's warranty be as smart as a 'Smartphone' ? Even after owning a high-end branded phone, I was surprised by the process of getting the phone repaired under warranty.
In a world where even groceries can be delivered at your doorstep, Why do we still go to the service center to claim the warranty?

The above experience made me lay the foundation of a company that wants to make the after sale support experience into something amazing, Something meaningful and easy.
Mobile phones have come a long way. In recent years, the purpose of mobile phone has shifted from a verbal communication tool to a multimedia powerhouse, often adopting the name 'Smartphone'.
Although mobile devices have evolved rapidly, one thing that was always overlooked was the after sales support. Every branded phone/tablet comes with a warranty of minimum 1 year, however the warranty claim process is what removes the word 'Smart' from Smartphones. One can only image what tedious process it is to get the phone repaired, even if it is under warranty.

At 'TotalresQ', we always strive to provide a great experience to our customers. We believe in making technology and processes as uncomplicated as possible. We understand that life is really busy these days and repairing phone should be the last thing that you should take out time for.

Now onwards let's skip the stone-age process of claiming the warranty by visiting the service center. Instead sit back, give us a call and we will come at your doorstep and get the phone repaired at the authorised service center and bring it back to you.

So, be Smart get TotalresQ Smart Warranty.

Currently our Services are available in all the areas of Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai & Thane.

Go Green

With TotalresQ

We at TotalresQ strive not only to give highly unique and meaningful services that make customers life easier, but also to make our services environment friendly.
The below image gives you a great example of how 'TotalresQ - Smart Warranty' services help reduce pollution.
Imagine if 100 Phone needs to be taken to a service centre for repair and each individual decides to go on their own using their personal or public modes of transport, we will see at least 50 odd vehicles polluting the environment.
However if these 100 phones are covered by 'TotalresQ - Smart Warranty' they can be taken to the service centre by Max 6 executives on two-wheelers causing less pollution when compared to the first scenario
So be Smart get 'TotalresQ - Smart Warranty' and Go Green.

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